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If They Gunned Me Down Shows How Black People Are Portrayed In Mainstream Media

Posted by The Reunion Black Family on August 18, 2014 at 3:10 PM

If They Gunned Me Down Shows How Black People Are Portrayed in Mainstream Media

The hashtag demonstrates that the narrative the media continues to portray regarding black people isn’t always truthful.BY: YESHA CALLAHAN

The vicious slaying of Mike Brown by Ferguson, Mo., police has once again shown that the narrative the media paints surrounding black people in America more often than not includes depicting us as violent thugs with gang and drug affiliations. It’s safe to say that Brown has become a victim of what I like to refer to as the “Trayvon Martin effect” in the media.


Trayvon, who was killed by George Zimmerman, was depicted as a gold-grill-wearing, weed-smoking teenager in the photos used by the media. There were no photos of Trayvon smiling with his family members or being just your average happy teen, which his family members said he was. Similarly, the photos of Brown that have been picked up by the media included him throwing up a peace sign, which conservative media has translated into a “gang sign.”


You’d be hard-pressed to find mainstream media showing Brown at his high school graduation or with members of his family. Ironically, all of those photos exist courtesy of Brown’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, because of Ferguson police, we’ll never be able to see a photo of Brown attending his first day of college today.


As tensions remain high, not only in the town of Ferguson but also on social media, Twitter users created #IfTheyGunnedMeDown to make a statement on how the media draws a biased narrative when it comes to telling the stories of black men and women. The following images not only tell a truthful story but also prove that we, as black people, know what our narrative is, but we are also not blind to the fact that the media will, of course, be biased in showing the truth.

"The hunting down of our youth in the streets by agents of the state, the bombing of Afrikan neighborhoods and churches, the murder of members of revolutionary and passive Afrikan organizations, the riots against Afrikans before both European wars on the world, the thousands of lynchings and the “retaliations” after real and imagined revolts by our enslaved ancestors as well as the lynchings that still see no end, are but a very, very small number of the examples where acts of terrorism were used to insure our submission to the whim of white supremacy. All these acts testify to a strong history of unwarranted, violent encroachments on peaceful, independent, as well as passive, dependent, Afrikan communities. So it is illogical for us to expect Europeans to allow us to live in an autonomous, independent peace in their midst without our enforcement of our freedom to be Afrikan in a language they can understand. Arguing otherwise makes no historical sense. No people can begin to feel safe in a historical climate of terrorism. Their accumulated frustration and uncertainty about the duration of the siege leads them to want to either seek shelter within (ranging from full assimilation and amalgamation to pluralistic integration) or away from (pluralistic segregation to full separation) their relentless assailants. For those who feel they cannot or should not leave or know that the terror will follow them wherever they go but who refuse to accept a vanquished status, rage and rebellion are natural and necessary characteristics. They know themselves as warriors engaged in a great struggle for the sanity, identity and sovereignty of their people."


Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

Asafo: A Warrior's Guide to Manhood

A Black person is killed by "police, security guards and self-appointed vigilantes" every 28 hours in America.

This is where your Police,CIA,ATF,Feds,came from.Everything was arround fear of the Black man&woman &to keep us down .

YOU CANNOT HAVE JUSTICE IN A RACIST SYSTEM! The only way we're going to get JUSTICE is thought enhancing our POWER.

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