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Posted by The Reunion Black Family on July 17, 2011 at 6:25 PM



 My Dear,

I am writing this without knowing whether you will ever get it, or when, or whether I shall be alive when you read it. Throughout my struggle for the independence of my country I have never for one instant doubted that the sacred cause to which my friends and I have given our lives would triumph in the end. But what we have wanted for our country, the right to honorable life, untarnished dignity, to unrestricted freedom- these things have never been desired on our behalf by those important officials in the UN in whom we put our trust, and upon whom we called for help, because, whether they knew it or not, they were directly or indirectly supporting the colonialism of Belgium and her friends in the west.

They have corrupted the minds of some of our compatriots, others they have simply bought, and they have played their part in distorting truth and shackling our independence. What else can I say? Dead or alive, free or imprisoned by the colonialists, it is not I who matter. It is the Congo, it is our poor people whose independence has been turned into a cage in which we can be watched by those outside, either with positive pleasure, or with benevolent compassion. But my faith remains unshaken. I know, and I feel in my heart, that sooner or later my people will shake off all their enemies, inside and outside our land, and that they will rise as one man to say 'no' to the same and degradation of colonialism, and to assume once again their dignity under clear skies.

We are not alone. Africa, Asia and the free and freed peoples all over the world will always stand beside those millions of Congolese who will not give up the struggle until the day when no colonizers and no mercenaries are left on our soil. I would like my children, whom I am leaving and may perhaps never see again, to be told that the Congo has a great future, and that it is uo to them, as to every Congolese, to carry out the sacred task of rebuilding our independence and our sovereignty; for where there is no dignity there is no freedom, and where there is no justice there is no dignity, and where there is no independence there are no free man.

No brutality, no agony, no torture has ever driven me to beg for mercy, for I would rather die with my head high, my faith unshaken, and a profound trust in the destiny of my country, than live in subjection, seeing principles that are sacred to me laughed to scorn. History will have its say one day- not the history they teach Brussels, Paris, Washington or the United Nations, but the history taught in the countries set free from colonialism and its puppet rulers. Africa will write her own history, and both north and south of the Sahara it will be a history of glory and dignity.

Do not weep, my love; I know that my country, which has suffered so much, will be able to defend its independence and liberty.

Long live the Congo! Long live Africa!


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Reply kudirat Raji
7:35 AM on July 17, 2011 
I have never seen this before. This is like a prophecy. I hope it comes to pass, though.
Reply Alex Mandla
7:36 AM on July 17, 2011 
Is the original copy available in the archives?
Reply Gcobani
2:43 PM on July 18, 2011 
As Africans we should stand up and refuse re colonization, I think as members of this group we need to have anti re colonization summit that will be held here in South Africa and invite the Icon of Renaissance of Africa former president of South Africa Thabo Mbeki and other distinguished guests. Together we can fight imperialism and capitalist dogmatic rule.
3:26 PM on August 18, 2011 
Wow, a wonderful and touching letter from a true nationalist
Reply Bamiduro i
7:16 PM on October 26, 2011 
true patriotism
Reply Segun 'Dipe
5:32 AM on January 19, 2012 
The time for a new Africa is NOW!
Reply Segun 'Dipe
5:40 AM on January 19, 2012 
The time for a new Africa is NOW!
Reply Sipho Cindi
10:54 AM on December 2, 2012 
Bring back Africa,our land our soil. Power to Africans in Africa, im an South African im an African
Reply Thokozani
2:43 PM on January 17, 2013 
Reply umba wa nyembo
11:48 AM on November 16, 2013 
Reply Patricia Montoute
10:14 AM on March 26, 2014